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Apap Academy

We wouldn’t have such great success with our customers if it weren’t for our staff.

  1.  We give the customers what they want.
  2. Our painting business has prospered as a result of our ability to deliver superior service, extra attention to detail, and a dedicated staff.

Spanning four generations, painting has been the Apap family trade for over 90 years. George Apap Painting Inc continues to bring passion to painting homes and commercial spaces.

apap academy sit down training session
break out training

We wouldn’t have such great success with our customers if it weren’t for our staff.

With that said, we do train each member of our team (no matter what level they are) through courses showcasing not only the newest techniques in the industry but also on safety and best practices. 

While prior experience is always beneficial, we look more for those attributes that can’t be taught: honesty, integrity, and a strong work ethic.

Once you are part of George Apap Painting you’re automatically a part of what we call

Apap Academy

Our entire crew is expected to attend and participate in a variety of sessions. We do individual and break out training groups to be sure our team can work together and find the best solutions utilizing each other’s skills in every project. 

As a team, we are continually developing and refining our skills. For example:

  • Brush Training 
  • Installing Zip Wall 
  • Ladder Safety 
  • Spray Training 
  • Cabinet Painting

All of our Apap Academy training is from our experienced employees, some with our company for over 10+ years in their craft. 

You’re in good hands. Our team is the best in the business because practice makes perfect. Better. Safer. Faster. George Apap Painting.

brush training windows