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Last Chance Of The Season: Soft Wash


Our Soft Wash service is the perfect solution for built up dirt, mold, mildew, and algae lingering on your home’s outdoor surfaces! As the season ends we’re doing a LAST CHANCE to book our soft wash services and save $250.

Why Soft Wash?

Dirt and allergens can build up on your exterior surfaces, making them look old and discolored. No matter the material type, George Apap, Inc. can provide expert washing services. Our customers in Patterson, NY and serving the surrounding areas can choose from soft washing and power washing to make sure any exterior surface on their home gets as clean as the day it was built.

What types of materials can you soft wash? 

  • Decks
  • Driveways 
  • Roofs 
  • Sidewalks 
  • Siding
  • Patio 
  • Brickwork 

What are the Benefits of Soft Wash? 

  • Gentle on your home’s surfaces
  • Extremely effective
  • Removes unsightly mold, mildew, algae & fungi
  • Preserves the lifespan of your paint, shingles & siding
  • It’s easy to protect your plants and landscaping

What’s the Difference Between “Power Wash” & “Soft Wash?”

While power washing relies primarily on a penetrating jet of water, soft wash relies on the power of the cleaning products being used. It not only removes unsightly mold, mildew, & fungi – but preserves the lifespan of your paint, shingles, and siding.

Contact us NOW to SAVE: 

Time is ticking…don’t let this deal wash away. 

Do you need wood or concrete power washing for your home?

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