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To participate in all activities related to the accomplishment of specific jobs. Must be able to perform all duties noted in Painter’s Job Description and attend all safety and general meetings. Will uphold the George Apap Core Values.

Reports to: Crew Leader & Field Supervisor and helps to supervise apprentices

All employees are required to conduct themselves in a safe manner at all times to insure the safety of their customers and themselves, as set forth in the George Apap Painting Safety Manual. Painter must have clear understanding of job-site safety. The painter is responsible for the safety and performance of every man on the crew in the absence of a Crew Leader and/or Lead painter.

As delegated by Crew Leader or Field Supervisor. Efficiently carry out paint related duties in a professional, workmanlike manner. Ensure that all duties are completed within the time frame prescribed by the Crew Leader and/or Field Supervisor, and job sheets.

Arrive to the job or shop in time to start work prior to 8:00 a.m. daily, unless otherwise specified by Crew Leader or Supervisor.

  1. Maintain a high level of cleanliness & organization.
  2. Possess knowledge of products.
  3. Maintain a full set of tools, found on ‘basic took list’ page.
  4. Have the ability to move and use ladders and power equipment (i.e. sanders, sprayers, ladders up to 32′, etc.) according to the George Apap Painting Standards & Procedures
  5. Have a clear understanding of preparation procedures (i.e. sanding, caulking, sealing, etc.) according to the George Apap Painting Standards & Procedures
  6. Be able to perform all painting functions; i.e. paint windows, doors, soffits, fascia, shutters, etc.
  7. The painter is to monitor attendance, appearance, language, proper use of equipment for yourself and other crew members in the absence of a crew leader and/or master painter.
  8. It is the painter’s responsibility to help foreman train all apprentices according to the George Apap Painting Standards & Procedures
  9. Deal with customers’ questions and concerns on the job-site in absence of Crew leader and/or Lead Painter.

All must be completed in a competent, timely manner with minimal supervision.

  • Provide your own transportation to and from the worksite or shop. Be ready at pick-up time, if you are late you are on your own to get to the job.
  • Be available in terms of scheduling hours. Be on time!
  • Bring your lunch. Don’t expect anyone to go out and get your lunch.
  • Be reliable, present good work ethic, high integrity and drug free. 
  • Clean presentable appearance expected at all times.
  • Maintain dress code according to the standards that George Apap Painting customers expect; i.e. appearance. Must wear clean George Apap Painting shirt, white painter’s pants, or shorts. No cutoffs or tank tops.
  • Attend all safety and training seminars.
  • Good technical skills in terms of using hand & power tools.
  • Have tools with you. Keep track of your tools. They are your responsibility! If you need any tools ask the foreman. Return all borrowed tools to the rightful owners.
  • Be able to communicate basic work requirements in English.

It’s your responsibility to keep busy throughout the day. When you need something else to do, ask your crew leader or supervisor.